Halo Ringtones

MP3 Halo ringtones from XBox Mobile

These MP3 ringtones originally came from XBox Mobile, but can only be downloaded from there when you view the site from your phone. I’ve mirrored the files here since not all of them are available there any more. You can also download Halo 3 wallpapers for your phone from there.

Finish The Fight (137KB, MP3)

Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix) (138KB, MP3)

The Last Spartan (138KB, MP3)

Halo Theme ringtone

I originally got this ringtone MIDI file from rampancy, and thought it was great. I used it for a while on my Sony Ericsson Z600, and found that mostly I was just hearing the intro to the theme since I answered the calls fairly quickly. The intro is a little quiet, so I decided to edit the MIDI file, and I produced a shorter version that has the intro removed, so that the ringtone starts with the distinctive Halo riff. I’ve provided links to both of them here – feel free to download them and use them.

Original MIDI File (13KB, MIDI)

Shortened MIDI File (11KB, MIDI)

"Covenant Dance" ringtone

This ringtone is a MIDI version of the track "Covenant Dance" from the Halo Soundtrack, and was created by Fractal Dragon from Bonsai Mecha Factory. I obtained the files from his web page here. They’re a lot shorter than the Halo theme tune MIDI ones above, so they might be more practical as actual ringtones 🙂

Version 1 (2KB, MIDI)

Version 2 (2KB, MIDI)

Getting the ringtones onto your phone

I have found floAt’s Mobile Agent (available from the FMA project page SourceForge) to be a very useful tool. Uploading and downloading files to and from your phone (including ringtones) is one of its many features. I would highly recommend it, even though it is under continuous development.