Bungie Weekly What’s Update

In last Friday’s WWU, Frankie lets us know that the matchmaking playlists are due to be updated in September. Part of the update will be to add the new maps to the standard playlists, since by September they will be available for free download via XBox Live. The Preview playlists will be removed at the same time.

The second change is the introduction of some multiple team gametypes, such as 3v3v3v3 Team Slayer. One new gametype that caught my eye was “Multi-balls”, which is an Oddball variant with two skulls – or as Frankie likes to call it, “total anarchy”. Even having only played one game of oddball, I can imagine what he means!

No mention this week of the current project they’re busy working on. Perhaps we’ll get more nuggets of info this week – and perhaps I’ll get around to writing about it sooner this time 🙂