Bungie Weekly Update – August 19th

Master ChiefIn this week’s Weekly Update over at Bungie (where they seem to have dropped the “Weekly What’s Update” moniker), Frankie gives us a couple of tidbits in a short update.

  • All the new Halo 2 maps from the Multiplayer Map Pack will be available for free download on XBox Live from August 30th.
  • All the new maps will be included in the matchmaking lists from that point, so if you haven’t downloaded them, you may not be able to take part in some matches.
  • Bungie will be moving to their new larger offices in Kirkland in September
  • On the new project:

    “What about our new project? Well, it’s coming along swimmingly. I see cool things every day. More on that much later.”

  • The movie is progressing slowly, with details still being worked out with the lawyers.