Category: Misc

  • Star Wars: Episode III

    I saw Star Wars: Episode III last night, and I came away having enjoyed it more than I expected to. After the disappointment of Episodes I and II, I had set my expectations fairly low for Episode III. Now, in some respects, I was right – the dialogue is rubbish, some of the acting is…

  • Geek makeovers

    Seth Godin has come across J Allard’s makeover. He doesn’t quite get the fact that Geek on Stun have use the marketing hype about the high definition next-gen console and dubbed Allard’s transformation as “HD Allard”, but it’s still interesting to see how the man has changed.

  • Flying In Ireland

    After much more hunting around in Google than I expected to have to do, I found Flying In Ireland, which seems to be the centre of the online Irish aviation community. I still think that there’s very little online information relating to the PPL that is specific to Ireland, but perhaps that’s because most of…

  • Happy Birthday Dara

    Today’s my brother’s birthday. He had the misfortune to be born on Friday 13th, poor sod 🙂 He’s 28 today, so happy birthday Dara!

  • All Marketers Are Liars

    I’ve just started the Marketing module of my MBA, and one of the links recommended by the tutor was this – Seth Godin – Liar’s Blog. It’s well worth a look, and I plan to keep an eye on it.

  • Welcome to my blog!

    Well, here it is – my blog. I’ve finally decided to start one. This was mainly prompted by the present from my gorgeous wife of flying lessons – something that I’ve always wanted to do. So, over the coming months, I’ll be posting my progress towards gaining my private pilots license (PPL) here, as well…