has been updated

May 24th, 2005 by Ciarán Leave a reply »

The Xbox 360 web site has been updated. The interface is now more interactive and encourages you to explore and experiment.

Among the things that you can find include downloadable images of the console and the controller, as well as other promotional images. More interestingly there is a new video segment featuring J Allard that is similar to the OurColony video. Amongst the hyperbole, J Allard talks about user-created content, implying that all games will allow the user to customise aspects of the game – for example car paintjobs, skateboard designs, etc. Now, some games allow you to do this to some extent already, but perhaps J’s mention of designing your own levels gives a better idea of just how much control users will have. We will have to wait till this Christmas to see if the reality lives up to these expectations.


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