Project Gotham Racing 3 Screenshot

July 1st, 2005 by Ciarán Leave a reply »

Major Nelson points to this from Bizzare Creations relating to a screenshot they posted of Project Gotham Racing 3 – which will run on the XBox 360. Many people couldn’t believe the image, which can be seen on Major Nelson’s blog. It looks so real, it looks like a photograph! But apparently, it is in fact an in-game image. To prove this, Bizzare show the wireframe version of the same image, and show a second screenshot too.

While this is pretty impressive, these are static images, taken from a game engine still in development. While Bizzare have put a lot of time, resources, and effort into creating these fabulous looking art assets, it remains to be seen how well these can be rendered as you’re driving down those streets at 200 kmh!


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